About Us



“To work as a collaborative built on trust within an organisation that can decide the best approach to delivering Primary Care”

East Staffordshire GPs recognise that transformational change needs to occur to ensure a resilient primary care capable of meeting future demand.

What are we: A partnership of 18 GP practices covering the whole of East Staffordshire with a population of circa 150,000.

We formed in September 2017 as a not for profit company to” re-invigorate and reinvent primary care through preserving the best of what it has become and integrate the vision of ‘working at scale’ – Dr H Skinner.



To develop and maintain high quality sustainable Primary Care.

To work together to offer better, simpler more efficient services.

To be the voice for Primary Care in East Staffordshire.

Make efficiencies within the system where it is clear this does not increase pressures elsewhere.

To ensure that the finances follow the patient.


To work in an open and transparent way to develop a culture of trust between all partners.

To offer support to each other.

To focus on maximising patient independence.

To oversee that the right services are offered in the right place at the right time so that as many people as possible remain well and in their own homes.

To look for efficiencies that do not result in pressures elsewhere in the system.

To create an organisation that has the best structure and capability to deliver primary Care services in East Staffordshire.

Five Pillars of Support

The Board

Executive Lead: Sarah Laing
GP Chair: Dr David Atherton
GP Vice Chair: Dr Howard Skinner
GP Director: Dr Simon Jones
GP Director: Dr Wai Lim
Practice Manager Director: Michele Fildes

Executive leadership and management support provided by Howbeck Healthcare