Homeless Health Service

In October 2019, the Federation in partnership with Brighter Futures and Stoke-on-Trent City Council launched the Homeless Health Service.

The aim of the service is to take support directly to the homeless individual. In partnership we provide a safe, confidential space with no referrals – allowing access to vital services when needed.

The average life expectancy of someone sleeping rough is only 47 years and it can be difficult to support these complex people into effectively using mainstream services.  Our service starts by nurturing a positive, mutually respectful, relationship with each individual.  Once trust and some success is achieved the wide skills of the whole team are used to support the individual in making different life choices.

The Federation provide two staff members, Jane Morton an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Sue Herman a Health Care Assistant who are active in the community, working closely with Brighter Futures’ Community Outreach Vehicle and the Rough Sleepers Team, to ensure our Homeless population have access to good quality healthcare.

The Homeless Health Service response to COVID-19

How has the service adapted to government advice?

A lot of time has been spent advising teams on how to manage caseloads remotely, to prevent the spread of infection to, from and amongst our client group. We’ve also spent time looking at each individuals medical history to identify those most at risk due to underlying health issues.  This with the highest personal risk have been offered single person spaces where they can self isolate safely.

As many of our customers are staying at the Crown Hotel in Longton, thanks to funding by Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Our ANP is able to attend regularly.  She is providing advice throughout the hotel and to other accommodation providers, as well as linking in with the Council.  We are providing equipment for them to manage their wounds where we can.

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